[pmwiki-announce] 2.0.beta10 -- improved installation procedure

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Tue Dec 14 23:34:35 EST 2004

I've just released 2.0.beta10, which should provide a substantially 
smoother installation experience for many first-time installations.  
The documentation and diagnostics have been greatly improved in this

Of course, if you've already got a working wiki, then this release
isn't all that important to you.  However, I do need people to test
and evaluate the new installation procedure -- especially people who
may have had difficulty installing PmWiki in the past, or those
environments where some undocumented tweaks were needed to get things
to work properly.  For example, in the past PmWiki did not give correct
instructions for being able to work in safe_mode environments -- that
has now been fixed.

I'd greatly appreciate any testers that could run through a quick,
sample "fresh installation" of this latest distribution onto their 
server(s) and report back about any bumps in the install process.

In addition to the above, this release has better support to
(silently) deal with permission/ownership changes on .flock files
instead of complaining about it.


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