[pmwiki-announce] pmwiki 2.0.beta11 released

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Mon Dec 20 00:19:45 EST 2004

I've just released PmWiki 2.0.beta11, which provides some cleanups for
the attachments/uploads feature.  The big changes related to uploads:

* I've added a $LinkUpload variable, which contains the URL of the upload
  page for any particular attachment.
* The above causes a change to the way that $LinkUploadCreateFmt works -- 
  it now uses $LinkUpload instead of $LinkUrl.
* The (:attachlist:) function automatically includes links to upload/
  overwrite existing attachments.

In addition there has been a bug fix related to reporting failures due
to uploading files larger than the webserver maximums, some changes to
to PmWiki's "StopWatch" function (used for evaluating internal performance),
and some clarifications in the sample-config.php file.

Comments, questions, opinions always welcome.


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