[pmwiki-announce] 2.0.beta28 released w/improvements for attachments

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sun Mar 27 12:47:57 EST 2005

I've just released 20.0beta28, whichs adds a number of improvements
to PmWiki's uploads/attachments feature.

In beta28 it's now possible to directly reference attachments of
other pages via the Attach: markup.  

    Attach:file.ext                  -- file.ext on the current page
    Attach:OtherPage/file.ext        -- file.ext as attached to OtherPage
    Attach:Group.OtherPage/file.ext  -- file.ext as attached to Group.OtherPage
    Attach:Group/OtherPage/file.ext  -- same as previous

Basically, anything that appears before the final slash is treated
as a (free) link to another page, and then file.ext is located 
relative to that page.  

The (:attachlist:) markup can take an optional pagename that
says to display the attachments available for another page:

    (:attachlist:)                   -- display attachments for this page
    (:attachlist OtherPage:)         -- display attachments for OtherPage
    (:attachlist Group.OtherPage:)   -- display attachments for Group.OtherPage

(:attachlist:) now also takes an ext= argument that limits the displayed
attachments to the specified extensions:

    (:attachlist ext=mp3:)           -- display only mp3 attachments
    (:attachlist ext=gif,jpg,png:)   -- display only gif/jpg/png attachments

Finally, the attachments code now automatically and silently converts
uploaded file extensions to lowercase.

Comments, questions, suggestions welcomed.


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