[pmwiki-announce] 2.2.0-beta56 released

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Jun 13 11:08:43 CDT 2007

I've just released 2.2.0-beta56, now available from


This release fixes a somewhat major bug with section anchors that was
introduced in 2.2.0-beta55, so anyone running beta55 should immediately
upgrade to beta56.  In fact, I highly recommend that anyone running a 
beta series upgrade to the latest beta.  :-)

Other changes since the last announcement (beta52):

* The PmWiki.FAQ page now simply displays questions, instead of
  questions and answers.

* (:input:) controls now have a focus= option, which allows
  form authors to specify which controls should receive the

* The (:pagelist:) directive now supports "wrap=inline" and "wrap=HTML"
  options, which allows the output from pagelist (markup or HTML)
  to be directly embedded in a page's markup or without any surrounding
  <div>...</div> tags.

* Updating RecentChanges pages is now substantially faster
  than in previous versions.

And, various bugfixes:

* TextSection() properly returns a section even when it is at
  the beginning of a page.

* $EnableLinkPageRelative now works even for sites that have
  non-ASCII pagenames.

* {$Namespaced} and {$Titlespaced} no longer introduce spaces
  before names that begin with a digit.

* PmWiki no longer goes into an infinite loop on self-recursive
  page text variables.

* The id= and class= options now work for (:input e_form:).

* Caching of pagelists produced from trails now works.

Comments and questions welcomed as always.


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