[pmwiki-devel] bypassing <!--PageText--> with <!--wiki: {$FullName}-->

Michael Shanley mike at upisup.com
Mon Apr 13 00:12:56 CDT 2009

I've been toying with the idea of how far PmWiki could be stretched in terms
of unique project ideas when I came upon this thought.

If you were to replace, in a given skin, <!--PageText--> with <!--wiki:
{$FullName} {$SiteGroup}.PageNotFound-->, what chunks of PmWiki would be

Similarly, what if you replaced <!--PageText--> with <!--file:

Could this be the means necessary to run, let's say, an all-html wiki? Could
using <!--function: mysql_query('{$FullName}')--> turn PmWiki into a
database driven cms?

I can't say that I've got specific plans based around any of these ideas
right now, though there are some projects I'd like to use PmWiki for that
this sort of solution might solve. At any rate, it seems like an interesting
discussion, doesn't it?

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