[pmwiki-devel] [patch] WAI-ARIA landmark roles for improved accessibility in default template

Peter Krantz peter.krantz at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 05:42:35 CDT 2009


The W3C WAI-ARIA specification defines a set of specialised "landmark"
roles. These roles provide a method to programmatically identify
commonly found sections of web page content in a consistent way. This
allows assistive technologies (e.g. a screen reader) to provide users
with features which they can use to identify and navigate to sections
of page content.

This patch adds landmark roles for navigation, main, contentinfo and banner.

For more information on WAI-ARIA landmark roles see:

Using WAI ARIA landmark roles by Steve Faulkner:

and the WAI-ARIA specification.

Although the specification isn't finalized yet, it is recommended that
developers implement WAI-ARIA now.


Peter Krantz
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