[pmwiki-devel] ResolvePageName() before config.php

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Apr 20 02:49:30 CDT 2009

> On Monday 20 April 2009 08:27:47 Peter Bowers wrote:
> > Wouldn't it make better sense to call ResolvePageName() *before*
> > config.php is included?  Is there a down-side to this?
> Yes there is. The variables $DefaultPage, $DefaultGroup, $DefaultName,
> $GroupPattern, $NamePattern, need to be set in config.php by many wikis
> before calling ResolvePageName(). Notably and importantly, setting a
> different encoding, like in XLPage() or xlpage-utf-8.php should be done
> to ResolvePageName(), or pages with international characters break or
> disappear (they may show in pagelists but you cannot open them, or
> vice-versa).

OK, makes sense with the bigger picture.  So what is the preferred way of
handling this issue?  Should recipe authors explicitly not depend on the
value of $pagename while config.php is being processed?  If we need to
depend on the value of $pagename should we specify that ResolvePageName() be
called before usage?  Should we explicitly call it within the recipe?
Should we suggest include_once("scripts/stdconfig.php") instead of calling
ResolvePageName()?  What's the best practice in connection with this?


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