[pmwiki-devel] How to allow a choice of edit forms

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sun May 8 02:40:51 CDT 2011

I would like to make a choice of edit forms available to users. Perhaps someday there will be a WYSIWYG editor, but even if there isn't I have a need to provide a choice now. I'd like some guidance so that I don't go too far down the wrong path and later discover it was a mistake.

If I set up my wiki so that my special edit form appears whenever action=browse and form=section in the URL, I find I can update the pre-defined elements of the page, although I'm missing the usual edit form functionality such as Preview.

However,  if I set up my wiki so that when action=edit my EditForm includes the special form instead of using the PmWiki one, I find the form appears but does *not* update the page. (I assume that's because my form uses input controls of various names, rather than a single input control named the way PmWiki's "edit" action handler or form processor expects.)

So what's the best way to allow users a choice of forms? Should I create separate actions to invoke each? (I've never created an action, but I hope it's not too hard to do.) Or can I use action=edit and configure some PHP code somewhere so that it does the proper Post handling based on the edit form that was used to do the Post?

Whichever is the right way, I'm hoping there's a way to leverage PmWiki's edit form functionality. I mentioned wanting to provide a Preview button. Other functionality includes updating the change summary, and allowing guiedit buttons to modify selected text on my form which has multiple input areas. If I can't use action=edit, then is there an easy way to provide those functions with my own action or form handler?


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