[Pmwiki-users] Question about $DeleteKeyPattern

John Feezell JohnFeezell
Wed Dec 1 20:00:41 CST 2004


Assuming that the default for this is 'delete' as
in V1.  I created a new page and entered 'delete' on
a line by itself.  The result was that that I was
returned to that page in browse mode ready to
select edit or history etc in the menu.

When I checked the wiki.d listing for the file I
found the following:


Indicating that the file had indeed been deleted.

It appears that there is a "missing" or "unspecified"
new page for a return from a delete.

Or perhaps, I've just got a problem in my setup.

You can see this behavior at
by editing the page and then using delete.

Here is the resulting file info after a test

If you need any more information on this, let me know.



Setup: one main site, one farm, running V2.0.0.beta4

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