[Pmwiki-users] reset button on edit window presents challenge

Neil Herber nospam
Thu Dec 2 05:58:11 CST 2004

The three buttons at the bottom of an edit window are: Save, Preview, and Reset

As long as the user has *not* done a preview, the Reset button reverts the 
text in the edit window to the original. When a user does a preview, PmWiki 
seems to declare that previewed page as the new state to revert to when 
Reset is pressed.

So if a user is having difficulties getting the look they want and does 
multiple previews, they have no obvious way of reverting to the original 
page. In my case, I just abandon the edit by clicking on another link. 
Presumably, this leave the page locked. To a new user, the Reset button 
appears to be inconsistent in its effects.

For example: I try some markup. I press Preview. I don't like the effect so 
I press Reset. Nothing happens.

Would it not be better to replace the Reset button with an Abandon Edit 
button that would take the user back to the normal view of the unedited page?

As a matter of PmWiki etiquette, should I be posting items like this here 
or on PITS??


Neil Herber
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