[Pmwiki-users] the descriptions of emphasis

Neil Herber nospam
Thu Dec 2 15:19:49 CST 2004

At 2004-12-03  10:12 AM +1300, John Rankin is rumored to have said:
>So what might one do for '/cite/' markup?
>My strong preference is that those who wish to use <b> and <i> do so
>as a local customisation. But I'm a standards bigot.

At the risk of being labelled a flip-flopper, I agree with John.

My initial suggestion for changing the markup was based solely on the 
disconnect I saw on the Quick Reference Guides that were recently discussed 
and displayed. On both of the examples (admittedly in an effort to reduce 
the screen real-estate), the word "italics" was used as an example of the 
result of the emphasis markup. Simply changing the word to "emphasis" would 
remove the disconnect between the description and the generated tags. I 
hope it would also warm the cockles of John's heart, since he is a 
self-described "standards bigot".  ;-)  Note that the markup documentation 
on PmWiki uses the words emphasis and strong with parenthetical remarks as 
to rendering, as in the last line of next quoted section.

>While PmWiki favours writers over readers, we should remember that
>using <em> and <strong> allows browsers for visually impaired readers
>to convey the meaning through the way the text is spoken. This is
>surely what the documentation refers to when it says
>   "doubled single-quotes is used for for emphasis (usually italics)"

I had not considered the aural rendering of a page, but I soon discovered 
that there is a CSS2 page all about aural style sheets:



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