[Pmwiki-users] Embed SimpleViewer in a PmWiki page

Benjamin Fay bfay
Sat Dec 4 08:32:57 CST 2004

My goal is to include the SimplerViewer gallery into a PmWiki page.
SimpleViewer gallery comes with a good admin interface 
(http://www.redsplash.de/projects/simplevieweradmin/) which could be used 
inside a PmWiki Page. See here:


I think the x-include Script by Steve would be doing a perfect job, but the 
problem is: a side in SimpleViewer gets called like this:


Inside x-include the given URL dosen't get parsed further than ?, actually 
quite clear. The Problem is one can't link to a gallery from SimpleViewer 
directly e.g. from the SideBar. How could one work around this?

kindest regards.

benjamin fay

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