[Pmwiki-users] more on internationalization at pmwiki.org

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sun Dec 5 18:03:59 CST 2004

I've gone ahead and copied the German and French translations from the
PmWiki 2 development site to the main pmwiki.org site so that others
can continue the work that was begun there.

The XLPages from v1 are still available at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki-v1 .
I don't want to copy them over directly, because some of the translation
phrases have changed slightly in going from v1 to v2 and it might be
better that they be rebuilt from the new XLPageTemplate.  I'd greatly
appreciate help from anyone willing to help there.

When a couple more languages have been translated I'll start publishing
the (updated) i18n.tgz file again.  Hopefully we'll be able to keep
them from being spammed.

And, many people working on translations in the past have asked how
closely they should follow the existing PmWiki documentation page
structure.  For example, should a translation have the same page
organization as the main documentation set?  If so, should the translated
pages continue to use the English page names?

My overall answer to such questions is that whoever does the work
of creating and maintaining the translated pages on pmwiki.org gets to 
decide the appropriate answer to these questions, and that I'm not going
to impose any rules or restrictions on top of that.  The right choice of
naming conventions and structures may in fact be very different for
different languages, and I figure the person doing the translating is
in the best position to know the answer to such details.  Plus it's
less work for me.  :-)

All are welcome to help in the i18n effort.  If there are any questions,
or if a particular language needs some configuration changes/support on
pmwiki.org, just let me know.


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