[Pmwiki-users] What is the *patch file for?

Neil Herber nospam
Mon Dec 6 08:18:49 CST 2004

At 2004-12-06  07:15 AM -0700, Patrick R. Michaud is rumored to have said:
>PmWiki's standard upgrade procedure is to simply install the new
>version over an existing one.  This is always true.

The GZipped tarball for pmwiki-2.0.beta6 expands as I would expect with one 
exception: it contains a "local" folder with an .htaccess file. That file 
contains only one line:

         AddType text/plain .php

which I assume is installing another MIME type on the web server.

Why is this needed? There is already a".php" MIME type in the HTTPD "conf" 

Why is the .htaccess file in the "local" folder? Isn't this folder supposed 
to be for my local scripts?


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