[Pmwiki-users] URLs with umlauts

Nils Knappmeier nk
Tue Dec 7 07:28:31 CST 2004


while adapting PmWiki to use on our website at http://kif.fsinf.de, we 
ran into some problems, which we couldn't solve ourselves.

When a WikiWord or a {{free link}} contain umlauts and thus are being 
converted to

<a href="http://kif.fsinf.de/pmwiki.php/Main/PageN?me">PageN?me</a>

1) The first PageN?me should be url_encoded
2) The second PageN?me should be html_encoded

Any clues on how to do this? Or is this already done in PmWiki 2.x? We 
use a 1.x version right now.


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