[Pmwiki-users] the descriptions of emphasis

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Tue Dec 7 22:56:30 CST 2004

[with apologies for having lost the thread in the mailing list woes --Pm]

On Tue Dec 7 08:58:08 MST 2004, Joachim wrote:
> [...] Something along the lines of "there's always a [markup]...[/markup] 
> syntax available" would help tremendously. (Even though I, sitting at a 
> German keyboard, share that common profound hatred for those {[]}\~@| 
> characters that are so incredibly awkward to type...)

There's always wikistyles--one can easily define %b%, %i%, %tt%, %code%,
etc., to at least get the styling you want (but not the HTML tags, sorry--at
least not yet).  And % is even easy to type, even on German keyboards.  :-)
We could easily come up with a cookbook of standard wikistyles: %b%, %i%,
%tt%, %u%, %big%, %small%, %cite%, etc.  Also note that combining wikistyles
would be built-in to this scheme, thus %b i% is bold italics, %big b u% 
is big bold underlined, etc.


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