[Pmwiki-users] syntax highlighting in 'Edit Form'

Joachim Durchholz jo
Wed Dec 8 11:15:48 CST 2004

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> It's almost impossible to do any form of highlighting of text within
> the edit form itself; the form is an HTML <textarea> element, and AFAIR
> <textarea> doesn't support any sort of highlighting of its contents.

selfhtml.org says that you can have any tags within a <textarea> (the 
default text for a text area goes between <textarea>...</textarea> tags, 
so it's rather easy to insert HTML there).

Further, there's a dataformatas="format" attribute that can take values 
of "plaintext" or "html" as attributes.
Hmmmmm.... any conformant browser *should* be able to have that color 

... clickety-click ... setting up an example... doesn't work... googling 
around... seems work only via data binding, which is available just in 
MSIE >= 4.0, its seems.
A bit too limited for my taste.
Let's get back to that in a year or two or three, when browser support 
for data binding has become commonplace.


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