[Pmwiki-users] how can I change the page author attribution?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Wed Dec 8 14:59:06 CST 2004

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 02:16:15PM -0500, Neil Herber wrote:
> --- I asked this yesterday --- perhaps it got lost in the  shuffle ---
> Of course all of my users are highly intelligent and creative individuals. 
> How else can I explain the fact that one of them uses a different author 
> name every time he posts? Is there any way that I can do a global change so 
> that the attribution lines that appear on history pages can use his correct 
> name?

Not easily for posts that have already been done, although you can do
a mapping in config.php so that future posts all go to the same name.  
Indeed, you can set up the configuration such that authornames are 
selected by address or whatever other criteria you want to choose.

> In a related question, is it possible to add an IP number to the 
> attribution? As in:
> December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Charles at
> I suspect the technique would be similar to the Cookbook-V1 recipe 
> "AboutVandalism", but my PHP expertise is not up to the voodoo it performs.

Doesn't exist in beta7, but I've just added the capability for beta8
via the $DiffHost variable.  Indeed, I currently have the default set 
such that hovering over the authors name reveals the IP address in a tooltip 
(you can see this on pmwiki.org).


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