[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki-2.0.beta7 released

Patrick Schwarz pmwiki
Thu Dec 9 03:10:25 CST 2004

Neil Herber wrote:

> How does an .htaccess file get into wiki.d/? The tarball does not have a 
> wiki.d/  directory (as expected). Is this a scripted action or just a typo?

It is a scripted action, see Patrick's post on Dec 8 at 18:35:

| Actually, the wiki.d/.htaccess is created as needed whenever a page is
| written.  So, edit a page and see if it appears.
| Also, PmWiki only creates the wiki.d/.htaccess if it doesn't exist, so
| in this case an administrator can create a custom .htaccess and it doesn't
| get overwritten.

Regards, Patrick

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