[Pmwiki-users] definition of hx does not work in tables

Stephan Schildberg schildberg
Thu Dec 9 12:14:24 CST 2004

Thank you for this explanation  :-) , but for UI-reasons I think this 
solution is not so pleasing.
Is there a way to equalize headings in future versions, to avoid 
discriminating between both?


> There's not a way to do <h1>...<h6> headings in simple tables, as the
> !!!'s have to be at the beginning of a line     togetthose.Also,
> the ||!something|| markup is used to create table headers (<th>).
> If you really need a <h1>...<h6> heading in a table, you'll need
> to define a special markup or use AdvancedTables.
> Pm

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