[Pmwiki-users] Plugin/listener model

Patrick Schwarz pmwiki
Thu Dec 9 15:17:24 CST 2004


As I saw in the PmWiki code it is very easy to add individual markup by
using the Markup function and I would wish me something similar for plugins.

At the moment I must add a "hack" to implement additional features but
it would be much more comfortable and clean - in my opinion - if PmWiki
would have some kind of plugin concept. Another advantage would be to
preserve the simple upgrade mechanism that exists currently.

One possible application area could be a plugin which would create PDF
pages automatically when saving a page. I think this would work if I
could add an listener to the save function which would call the PDF
generation routine.
Another plugin could be an authorization plugin which would listen to
all relevant functions (edit, save...) and check first if a user is
allowed to execute the current action.

I hope it is understandable what I want to say ;)

If the above described feature is already implemented and I have
overseen it please ignore this post :)


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