[Pmwiki-users] password admin for uploads

Neil Herber nospam
Fri Dec 10 10:09:18 CST 2004

I have read the UploadsAdmin page which refer to the PasswordAdmin page. 
Unfortunately, PasswordAdmin is not too helpful on the subject because all 
it says is "if uploads are enabled, upload passwords control uploading of 
files and attachments".

1) How can I set the default upload password to nothing (no password 
required)? The Wiki I want to do this on is inside a protected realm, and 
users don't seem to be keen on remembering or entering additional passwords.

2) Where the heck are all these passwords stored? (The group/page ones in 
particular.) I can see the defaults all being in config.php, but how do I 
see/set/change these other ones?

... Hmm... As I was writing this I was popping back to PmWiki.org to make 
sure my page references were correct. Lo! and Behold! I found yet another 
page called Passwords which duplicates some of the material on 
PasswordAdmin and explains the "how" part of question 2 above.

I would suggest combining the two pages.


Neil Herber
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