[Pmwiki-users] Recording of IP-Addresses

Nils Knappmeier nk
Sat Dec 11 11:04:27 CST 2004

>...except there's definitely more than two "camps" here:
> - admins who want the IP always visible
> - admins who don't want the IP recorded at all
> - admins who want the IP recorded but not visible by default
Just to let you know what we're doing now: The people who didn't want 
the IP actually were opposed to saving the IP over a longer period of 
time. But although the possible editors of the wiki (i.e. people who 
know the password) should be trustworthy, we decided to send the IP with 
the mailposts. There is one person receiving the mails and he deletes 
them after reading.

So, there is some security in case someone puts up illegal content, but 
there is no long term log of IP addresses. We also have control over the 
server itself so I guess we do something about the web server logs as well.

All you have to do is put the  $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']='suppressed' 
setting below the line that composes the content of the mailposts. I 
think all in all, this is to tricky to put it into a default setting. 
Cookbook recipe would be more appropriate, I guess.


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