[Pmwiki-users] how can I change the page author attribution?

KevinTiller kevin
Sun Dec 12 19:05:27 CST 2004

On my website we have a UBB messageboard that requires a login. This info
is stored in a cookie. I then massaged the pmwiki code so that it reads
the cookie and only then displayed the Edit page link. Then I made the
name field hidden so the user can't change it, and defaulted it to the
logon name. Work like a treat. It also gives a minimum level of security
as you can edit a page unless you have an account. However getting an
account is an automated fill-in-the-form and be emailed a password process
so anyone determined can get one. Once people have an account its an easy
process (we have 4000 users).

All the best,

Kevin Tiller
CoolRunning Australia
kevin at coolrunning.com.au
The independent website for australian runners by runners

> Of course all of my users are highly intelligent and creative individuals.
> How else can I explain the fact that one of them uses a different author
> name every time he posts? Is there any way that I can do a global change
> so
> that the attribution lines that appear on history pages can use his
> correct
> name?
> So for example:
> December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Chuck
> December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Chuck E
> December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Chucko
> Should all be:
> December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Charles
> Last names have been withheld to protect the guilty. I realize that the
> instance I am quoting here would require 3 changes, but typically someone
> has just used a variation of their name and I would like to coerce the
> variant to one name.
> In a related question, is it possible to add an IP number to the
> attribution? As in:
> December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Charles at
> I suspect the technique would be similar to the Cookbook-V1 recipe
> "AboutVandalism", but my PHP expertise is not up to the voodoo it
> performs.
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