[Pmwiki-users] Re: Re: PmWikiDraw - New Version (2.2B)

Knut Alboldt pmwiki
Mon Dec 13 00:51:05 CST 2004

Ciaran wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 00:33:37 +0100, chr at home.se <chr at home.se> wrote:
>>On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Ciaran wrote:
>>>Glad it worked ;) There are lots of keyboard shortcuts, juts none for
>>>save and exit currently <g>, any suggetsions?!
>>* Alt-x         Exit and save
>>* Ctrl-q        Quit (don't save)
>>You could see if there are any guidelines for what keyboard shortcut to
>>use.  It would also be really good if the shortcuts were displayed in the
> This has been requested before, my problem is I'm not quite sure how
> to internationalise it, and also how Alt/Ctrl affects Macs :)

I think you should use the common shortcuts used for other programs (e.q. 
editors, kde or windows global etc). They are more or less equal for all 
language setups (e.g. windows uses CTRL-X, CTRL-C, CTRL-V for clipboard 
functions also in german language set although these are no german 
abbreviations). Well I can't tell you about the mac-stuff.

>>It's not very fast on my computer at home, would it be possible to use a
>>local version (pre-compiled?) to make it go faster?  I know that'd involve
>>having to install it, but if you edit a lot of images it'd be worth it.

on my windows system performance is quite ok. I'm using firefox 1.0 (I don't 
know if I got a JIT-Compiler option on by default like in MSIE, CPU ca 1,8 GHz 
and 256 MB RAM running several services in the background (like apache, mysql 
etc) (the worst case installation I hvae to use, there are better systems as well)
and "HQM" on.


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