[Pmwiki-users] password question

Neil Herber nospam
Mon Dec 13 08:13:02 CST 2004

At 2004-12-12  08:46 PM -0800, Scott Carver is rumored to have said:
>I've temporarily moved a wiki of mine to a different server, as the server 
>its running on will be out of commission for a bit. Hoping things would be 
>short and simple, I just ftp'd the directory structure from one computer 
>to the other. It worked fine, but it seems as if something has been 
>screwed up with the site passwords. Passwords are no longer working for 
>pages that require them. Can anyone think of an obvious reason why this 
>would be occurring, and/or is there a simple way to reset the passwords on 
>the site?

When you say "Passwords are no longer working" does that mean:
1) They no longer protect the pages - anyone can edit them?
2) The password is not accepted and all edits are refused?

I expect the answer is (2) and it may be due to permission settings on the 
server - not in PmWiki.


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