[Pmwiki-users] PmWikiDraw - Uploads failing unexpectedly ( "Warning: Unknown ..." for example)

Ciaran ciaranj
Mon Dec 13 08:42:06 CST 2004

It appears there was a *major* flaw in my php-session authentication
logic when performing uploads on non-basic authenticated PmWiki sites.

Fortunately Pm was on hand to show me the error of my ways and I've
re-written the code so it should now work properly in the php session
authenticated environment.

For those that want to know there was an issue that occured if (and
only if) no session had been created prior to editing the drawing.  If
there was a session present I just re-used the given session id, and
authenticated against that.  However it seems the case where no
session was present was being handled incorrectly (oops!).  Things are
handled more neatly now and I ignore sessions entirely and just rely
on raw passwords.  So all is well with the world once more!

Version 3.0B is now available in the usual places.

- Ciaran

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