[Pmwiki-users] PITS Priority

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Mon Dec 13 23:49:10 CST 2004

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 07:00:54AM +0100, Laurent Meister wrote:
> isn't it possible to sort the priority numbers of PITS Issues?
> Sometimes the author of the Issue didn't give a high priority to an 
> Issue, but other Users do. An Issue with the Priority 25555 will never 
> appear at the top of the PITS list even if it has the highest priority.

Well, in some senses it doesn't really matter what appears at the
top of the PITS list because I don't really work on issues in priority
sequence as given by PITS.  The priorities that are there just help me
(and others) gauge community interest in a particular issue or feature,
but they certainly aren't "binding" in any sense.  Also, my normal
practice is to review every PITS issue that has any form of update--
even just a vote--so I still see all those '5' votes even though
the issue isn't moved to the top of the list.  

I can see how sorting the votes might cause important issues to bubble
to the top where other potential voters may be more likely to notice
them (and thus more likely to add their comments or votes), but as far 
as directing my efforts the sequence in which things appear in the PITS 
list is *much* less important to me than the number of votes an 
issue receives, the distribution of weights, and the difficulty /
desirability of addressing the issue consistent with other
PmWiki goals.

But I think that we can just let wiki principles work their magic here--
if an issue has a '25555' vote and you think it needs to appear higher
on the PITS list, go ahead and "shuffle" or "sort" the votes that are
there for that issue to something you think is more appropriate, like '52555'.  I think things will naturally work out without needing a fancier sort
criteria.  One could even change the weight of a vote they've already made,
although we should certainly leave others' vote weights intact.


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