[Pmwiki-users] PmWikiDraw uploads problem

Val Sharp val
Tue Dec 14 04:48:14 CST 2004

Patrick R. Michaud, on 13.12.04 22:05, wrote:
>>Thanks for the hint - the site's on a UNIX server, but no doubt it'll
>>be related somehow.
> Ciaran and I found a problem this morning with PmWikiDraw 
> interfering with browser sessions earlier -- try doing an 
> upload with a new browser session and without PmWikiDraw 
> installed and see if the problem still exists, at least so 
> I can decide if it's a PmWiki-issue or not.

Before I saw this I'd just installed the latest PmWiki and PmWikiDraw,
and fiddled around with my file permissions as well, as one does, so
the exact nature of the problem has probably been lost ... but anyway
I did then try uploads with PmWikiDraw disabled as you suggested and
uploads worked fine.

Within the same session, I enabled PmWikiDraw again, and that seems to
work fine too now. (Don't know how to exit a session without simply
waiting a while, but I'll try PmWikiDraw with a new session on its own

Sorry for the lack of proper testing, but it's working so far, and I
suppose that's what counts  :-)

BTW, with no activity, how long does a session last? - and can one
explicitly terminate a session?

Best regards,

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