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Michael_Paulukonis@divintech.com Michael_Paulukonis
Tue Dec 14 07:03:53 CST 2004

>Alas, this is just a hazard of running a wiki that doesn't provide
authentication.  But I'll see if I can bump the user authentication
features up a notch in development priority (
for those who want to vote on it.  :-)


I vote for that! I don't like the idea of needing to use authentication, 
but one of my network-security guys is highly suspicious of the open wiki 
environment [available only on our intranet, and only to the 
IT-department], and posts under other users' names all the time in an 
attempt to "prove" that the system is vulnerable.


he also wears a Superman t-shirt every day.

Michael J. Paulukonis
Diversified Information Technologies
570-343-2300 Ext 3043
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