[Pmwiki-users] Installing 2.0.beta10

chr@home.se chr
Wed Dec 15 03:23:57 CST 2004

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> I'd greatly appreciate any testers that could run through a quick,
> sample "fresh installation" of this latest distribution onto their 
> server(s) and report back about any bumps in the install process.

Some comments from when reading PmWiki/Installation

* It'd be nice if there was a direct link to the latest pmwiki tar-ball.
  Perhaps create a link in the pub-directory called 'pmwiki-latest.tgz', 
  and link to that from the wiki page?

* Perhaps introduce a variable saying what version of pmwiki that
  is the latest?  (mabye that variable can be used to automatically link
  to the latest tar-ball?)

Not sure if it's relevant, but I usually download the tar-ball using 
'wget', so what I do is:
* Do "copy link address"
* Connect using 'ssh' to where I'm going to install pmwiki
* Do 'wget <uri>'
Sometimes I even pipe the output of wget to tar, but that's probably a bit
too much :-)

Bah... I just did the first step where you browse to pmwiki.php and 
followed the instructions. Then (as usual..) I did reload and lost the 
isntructions for how to revert the directory settings... *sigh*
How about if pmwiki shows those instructions on the main page as long as 
some variable isn't set in the configuration file? They could be shown as 
long as $EnableDiagnostics = 1. Then when the user sets $EnableDiagnostics 
= 0, this text is no longer shonw.

Another alternative could be to make the links for reloading pmwiki open 
in a new window? That way you'd still have the instructions on screen?

Otherwise it was a breeze installing so far (I haven't enabled uploads 
etc, does that need testing as well?)

I have another suggestion for PmWiki/Installation... how about writing 
this page in two sections. First a section that gives very brief 
instructions for installing pmwiki, and then a section that for when 
things don't work, or for when you want more details about what is 

As it is right now, the installation process appears much more difficult 
than it actually is...


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