[Pmwiki-users] Installing 2.0.beta10

chr@home.se chr
Wed Dec 15 08:45:06 CST 2004

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> > * It'd be nice if there was a direct link to the latest pmwiki tar-ball.
> >   Perhaps create a link in the pub-directory called 'pmwiki-latest.tgz', 
> >   and link to that from the wiki page?
> There's already such a link in the pub-directory (at least, there was),
> but we'd probably need a link to the zip archive as well.  

Yes, but if the wiki page had such a link I wouldn't have to bother with 
going to another page. Instead, I could immediately get the latest 
archive in one go (or, as I do it... copy the URI and use wget). As an 
alternative, the link to pub/ could open in a new window? (Although I 
don't like that behaviour in general, maybe it's ok here?)

I did just realize that a malicous person could modify that 'latest'-link 
to point to some other tar-ball I guess... 

Slightly related... to we need MD5-sums for the tar-ball?

> > Bah... I just did the first step where you browse to pmwiki.php and 
> > followed the instructions. Then (as usual..) I did reload and lost the 
> > isntructions for how to revert the directory settings... *sigh*
> The new procedure provides a link to click for reloading -- if you
> follow the link (as opposed to hitting reload), then PmWiki opens in a
> new window so that the instructions for reverting the directory settings
> are still available.  :-)

I actually tried that link but didn't notice anything... I'll try 
installing it again and see what happens.... 

Hmm, no it doesn't work (in Opera/Linux). There's no new window.  Maybe
there should be a text added like:

	Then reload this page (a new window should open)

> Nope, I think littering the main page with administrative diagnostics is
> probably the wrong way to go.  Better is to make an "analyze setup" 
> procedure a part of the InitialSetupTasks.

That'd work for me... and the special directive (:AnalyzeSetup:) could 
always output something, instead of being silent when disabled.


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