[Pmwiki-users] local install

Thelen, Tobias tthelen
Wed Dec 15 19:16:04 CST 2004

Constantin Basturea wrote:

> I would like to have PmWiki running *locally*, but I couldn't find any
> documentation about how can I do that. Any ideas?
> Thanks so much,
> Constantin Basturea

Hi Constantin!

For running pmwiki locally you need a local installation of a webserver 
and php. For Windows, an easy way to get this is installing XAMPP 

I just tested beta10 installation with XAMPP 1.4.2 and experienced no 
problems at all, including enabling PathInfo and uploads by just 
uncommenting the appropriate lines in a copy of sample-config.php.

N.B.: XAMPP 1.4.2 reports as "Apache/2.0.49 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.0.49 
OpenSSL/0.9.7d PHP/4.3.6 mod_autoindex/color Server at localhost Port 80"


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