[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki Localization

Pierre Rouzeau pierre
Thu Dec 16 13:49:20 CST 2004

this is attention to pm .

In PmWiki2.0 devel site, after some localization work i have done on 
french page, i have backported as templates pages which i was thinking 
interesting for others languages localization, say :
- StateOfTranslation, which lists english doc page with associated local 
- SampleConfigurationFile, with configuration parts dedicated to 
- Terminology: list of particular terms frequently met in page name, to 
be homogeneous when translating names and other stuff.

I have created a group named localization to group this pages and moved 
the XLpageTemplate to this group.

Though, when porting the devel site to the present site, this group was 
left, and the XLPageTemplate was relocated at its original place.

The question is simply : why ?


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