[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki2 beta10 fresh installation + upgrade

Knut Alboldt pmwiki
Thu Dec 16 14:42:59 CST 2004

well the fresh installation worked fine
(with w2k, apache 1.3.27, php 4.3)


my existing wikifarm with own skins I could not migrate - so I have to 
switch back to devel26.

My problem:

I had implemented an own skin within an own skin-dir (.../pub/skins/myskin/)
- for the action browse / edit I used "screen.tmpl" and "screen.css"  for 
almost all pages.
- for action=print I used "print.tmpl" with "print.css"
- Execptions: for print of pages of the groups "fax" which uses "fax.tmpl" 
and "fax.css" and the group "notes" which uses "notes.tmpl" and "notes.css".

all files mentioned above are in the same skindir (../pub/skins/myskin/)

And this could be simply switched by setting something like:

$PageSkinFmt   = 'myskin';
$PrintSkinFmt  = "$PageSkinFmt/print.tmpl";
if ($action == 'print' & preg_match('/^Notes\./',$pagename))
   { $PrintSkinFmt = "$PageSkinFmt/Notes.tmpl"; } # same for fax etc

Now I don't know how to implement all this within beta10. I definetly don't 
want to change the "screen.tmpl" and "screen.css" to "$skin.tmpl" and 
"$skin.css" cause I set up almost 4 or 5 different skins and if I want to 
create a new one I don't want to change the name of the files every time or 
have to look which file to edit. At the moment I know I have to edit 
screen.* for browsing, print.* for printing etc and that in all skins.

I started to analyse pmwiki again to find out how to change this, then I 
noticed tlayout.php has gone (well it took a time, cause I copied over the 
beta10 over the existing develop26 - as we discussed in Oct - the result 
was: the old tlayout.php was still there but not called - that I noticed 
after some time of investigating pmwiki and stdconfig.php. So I'm not quite 
happy with the method of updating by copying over the new files into an old 
installation. Old files do irritate !)

So I think scripts/skins.php is doing the job of tlayout.php now ?

I read in the list that a "skins/myskin/skin.php" is possible to do some 
customization job. But how ? Where can I find some more info about that ? 
Or: can somebody tell me how to solve my implementation I described above. 
I checked the sample of pmwiki-ak, but that didn't help me

I've read the docs a bit:

--- LayoutBasics ---
Once you've made a copy of the skin directory, you can then edit the .tmpl 
and other files in that directory. You then tell PmWiki to use the skin in 
pub/skins/xyzskin by setting

     $Skin = 'xyzskin';
--- /LayoutBasics ---
well: it's not enough to copy and change the tmpl-files. I also have to 
rename them to the skin's name, don't I ?


Well, all in all the always so simple upgrade wasn't that simple that time, 
in fact I'll give up and switch back to develop26 for today.

Hope somebody can give some hints to solve this.


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