[Pmwiki-users] localization searching keywords

Hans Bracker design
Fri Dec 17 02:20:48 CST 2004

Thursday, December 16, 2004, 11:26:22 PM, stephan wrote:
> After localizing a big chunk to the German documentation, I am now
> re-anglicising it - don't  be afraid, only the pagetitles. :-)

I am sorry to see that you are reverting German page titles in the
documentation back to its English originals :-(
I can see that this may be convenient for the pmwiki expert admin and
developer, but it is not for a normal German user or admin who perhaps
has little understanding of English. And the pmwiki experts can read
the English documentation anyway.

> When I search now after any keyword I get english pagetitles, that is
> logic. But I do not want them, because of my understanding it is 
> ridiculous to have english search results in a foreign documentation.

You are asking for a search to return results not as page names,
but as page titles, because you want to use English page names with
German titles? And you are asking that these titles are links to the
page names?

Just trying to clarify.

Best regards,

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