[Pmwiki-users] Re: Password never accepted

Steven Leite steven_leite
Fri Dec 17 18:32:49 CST 2004


> Topic 2: Password Never Accepted
> When I set site's edit password (avoiding use of crypt as discussed
> above), clicking the edit link results in the password prompt/screen
> being presented..... but it never accepts the password (even when I
> copy/paste it out of the config.php)..... instead, it just keeps
> re-presenting the password prompt/screen.
> I haven't dug into the related code, but will.
> In the meantime, any thoughts or suggestions?

Sometimes you need to use PmWiki ?action=crypt function on your 
production server to set the password properly in the config.php file. 
The crypt function seems to work differently on each machine, so that 
password set on your production server may not work on your test server 
and visa versa.

Steven Leite 

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