[Pmwiki-users] Removing speech marks et al.

Robin robin
Sat Dec 18 08:18:50 CST 2004

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More questions...

How can I get the URL of a page as it is on the wiki? For example, I want the 
URL of the PmWiki.TextFormattingRules page so that it can be loaded as a tab. 

How can I slashify speechmarks (") that are in the text? XUL uses them as 
boundries (you can't seem to do the <textbox>...</textbox> thing that HTML 
does, it seems the content has to go in the value attribute).

This one is a bit OT, but maybe someone knows...how can I ensure that text 
passed to a text box respects the newlines? Currently the text in the value 
field in the source is suitably newlined, however in the actual window it's 
one big line.

I hope you don't mind more inane questions like this :) My PHP isn't very 
strong, and I'm learning XUL, yet I'm writing PHP code to generate XUL...

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