[Pmwiki-users] Compatibility with PHP 4.3.10?

Doug Porteous orillia319
Sat Dec 18 12:14:10 CST 2004

I browsed this list's message archives but was unable to locate anything
related to compatibility between PmWiki and PHP version 4.3.10.

Yesterday (Dec. 17, 2004), my PmWiki-based site was working; today it is
'broken'. All of my other PHP-based software seems to be functioning. In =
I get a message stating "The page cannot be displayed". In Firefox, I =
get a
blank page (Page Source shows only a set of matching HTML and BODY =

Here's what a phpinfo() revealed:

PHP Version 4.3.10
System  Linux... =20
Build Date  Dec 17 2004 15:03:50 <=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D notice the =
build date!

I have 3 PmWikis set up (haven't figured out how to set up a wiki farm =
1. PmWiki versions: pmwiki-1.0.11 (according to version.php)
2. pmwiki-0.6.9
3. pmwiki-2.0.beta8 (there are no links to this on the site), which I'm
experimenting with.

***All 3 versions are no longer functioning***

Is anyone aware of anything in the PmWiki source code I might =
change to get my wiki site back?

The same software works properly on an alternate host with the same =
content (Windows/PHP 4.3.6) that I've been meaning to fully switch to =
wasn't quite ready) *and* on my home machine (Windows XP/PHP 4.3.10, =
version as my primary hosting service).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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