[Pmwiki-users] localization searching keywords

Knut Alboldt pmwiki
Sat Dec 18 13:23:40 CST 2004

At 20:04 18.12.2004, you wrote:
>Hello Knut and Stephan,
>well it looks that you agree on translating page names as well as
>titles into German for the documentation pages. Great!
>Maybe I can help a bit in this too? I am german speaking by birth but
>have lived half my life now in Scotland.

That sound like a perfect pre-condition for that job - how is the weather 
up there :-)
Before I join the translations I've to merge my v1 wiki's to v2 - will take 
a while.

I've read something about a german maillist about pmwiki (in the docs ?). I 
think that's a good Idea to support people who don't speak english and want 
to use pmwiki. And I think mixing up this list  <Pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com> 
with german would be a good idea (Pm ?).
But it will be more work for other who will join both - and will translate 
back and forth. On the other hand I think german forums like these for 
mozilla, thunderbird and openoffice are quite vivid too. So I think it's 
worth it starting with one for pmwiki.

Well, if somebody will offer a german forum for pmwiki, he /she should 
,announce it here too


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