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Robin robin
Sat Dec 18 20:57:02 CST 2004

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On Sunday 19 December 2004 12:14, Alain Farmer wrote:
> I have never done this before but ... it seems to me that this could be
> achieved by merely twiddling a little bit with the source of PmWiki.
It's been done :) Pm posted a little snippit on it before.

> Excellent idea! I am game to work with you on it. I've been considering
> this for some time. Most of my thoughts on this matter involved creating
> the GUI with MetaCard, which would subsequently be downloaded and
> launched just as you can do with any "Helper Application". The user
> interacts with the GUI, and then submits his changes to a server, via a
> POST [coded as XML-RPC]. My approach is a bit of a hack though. It would
> be much better to use a GUI that is NATIVE to the web, which is what it
> would be with XUL of course.
Currently I'm working on having it simply as an alternative to the usual edit 
form. The PmWiki plugin generates the XUL code on the fly, and sends it to 
the client. You can see what I've got so far at:
It's not functional at all yet, I've been working on getting the XUL side of 
things before I tackle the Javascript (something else I know only a little 
of. I'm going to come out of this having learnt a bunch of good things)
The PHP I've done so far is here:
(you can see there are a few things hardcoded into there that need to be put 
into code). Should you like access to the repository, let me know offlist.

Ideally I'm going to have it do the submit as a post request, so the 
server-side has no need to know anything different about it.

> XUL provides widgets that implement tabbed dialogs ( tabBox, tabGroup,
> etc ).
Yep :) using them

> Btw we could also add other tabs : "Meta info", "Prefs", "Attachments",
> "SuscribeToPage", "Comments", etc.
Yeah, these could work, although I'm somewhat loath to load up too many extra 
things off the bat, just because it means more requests from the server, 
however it might be an idea to put things like that in a menu bar and have 
them open an appropriate tab when you select them.

But first I want to get my basic editor working :) once that is done, ading 
other features will be easy.

> JavaScript has some syntax for detecting which client is requesting the
> URL.
Yeah, I have the code to do that floating around somewhere (in php actually), 
but I might do it in javascript.

> with XUL w/o value added server side services in the mix. These
> "add-ons" could transform PmWiki into something more powerful than any
> existing wiki. A wiki without any need for learning or using
> markup-tricks, e.g. WYSIWYG editing. 
That is something else I'd like to try, the only catch is that given the wiki 
markup can be added to, the browser options will likely be a subset of the 
wiki features. However, even something with just bold, italics, insert link, 
and such basic things like that would probably work well.

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