[Pmwiki-users] Use buttons to ease edition

Neil Herber nospam
Sun Dec 19 12:03:27 CST 2004

At 2004-12-19  07:40 PM +0100, pyg_listes is rumored to have said:
>Many more buttons may be added, I just don't have anymore time left for a 
>few days...
>Does it worth a Cookbook, or am I the only one who had lazy users ? ;)

My (lazy??) users would love to have this "hack" available.

A few suggestions:
* change the "<>" button to show a "courier" letter A (as with bold, etc.) 
- code means nothing to my users
* change the internal link graphic to something else (a chain?) - the icon 
used often represents the "return" character

The skin and drop down menus are great too!


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