[Pmwiki-users] clean PmWiki URL

Sergio Andreozzi sergio.andreozzi
Mon Dec 20 03:23:05 CST 2004

Hello Hans,

which recipe are you referring? Mine or the Patrick one?

I got the answer from Patrick. There was a ready recipe not yet added to 
the site coming from this post:


The recipe is this one. I tried and works fine for me.



Hans Bracker wrote:
> I just tried the cleanURL recipe on a test installation.
> It works fine apart from one glitch which puzzles me:
> pmwiki is installed in folder testwiki.
> when I click HomePage on the SideBar I get:
> http://www.flutesong.net/testwiki/Main/HomePage
> Hovering over the logo shows the correct url:
> http://www.flutesong.net/testwiki
> But when I click the logo I get:
> http://flutesong.naturalscotland.co.uk/testwiki/
> it is still the correct page, but the root url gets resolved
> differently. I should add that flutesong.net is an add-on domain to
> the main naturalscotland.co.uk. and flutesong is subdomain.
> Server info:
> OS Linux
> Apache 1.3.33 (Unix)
> PHP 4.3.9
> any idea what is going on?
> thank you! Best wishes,
>  Hans                           

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