[Pmwiki-users] Re: Password never accepted

Mike Harris Mike.Harris
Mon Dec 20 08:36:28 CST 2004

Hope I'm getting the hang of replying to the appropriate thread.....

Here's my followup experience re lack of support for crypt function in
Novell's Netware implementation of PHP (apparently not
implemented/supported, due to international software export

- Was getting:  "Warning: crypt() is not supported in this PHP

- Tried creating dummy crypt function in config.php as suggested,
  but then got "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare crypt()....."
  presumably due to a crypt function already being declared
  by  scripts\crypt.php

- So I opted for what appears to be the common fix used in the
  Netware world....  replacing   crypt(...)  with  md5(...).
  Rule is, if crypt has more than one argument, keep only the first
  (md5 will only accept one).

For discussion of "no crypt, use md5 instead"  in a Novell forum, see

This appears to work.  Frustrating and not elegant, but it will get me
going until I can find a non-Netware platform to host PmWiki on.  I
don't know if this same lack of crypt() occurs in Novell's Linux
products..... hope not and would guess not, but haven't checked.

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