[Pmwiki-users] clean PmWiki URL

Hans Bracker design
Mon Dec 20 09:36:23 CST 2004

Hello Patrick,
Monday, December 20, 2004, 2:29:37 PM, you wrote:
> This is your webserver at work.  When you specify a directory name
> as a url with no trailing slash, Apache (and other webservers) send a
> "redirect" response back to the browser telling to re-request the
> page *with* the slash, so that it's correct according to the various
> url standards.  I've provided a transcript below, and see also:

thank you for this explanation and the links too!

By changing the template and putting a slash behind $ScriptUrl in the
logo section the problem was cured, i.e.:
     <div id='logo'><a href='$ScriptUrl/'><img src='$PageLogoUrl'
                alt='$WikiTitle' border='0' /></a></div>

Best regards,

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