[Pmwiki-users] PmWikiDraw - Concurrent editing and other animals.

Ciaran ciaranj
Mon Dec 20 14:05:32 CST 2004

After persistent and effective badgering from certain PmWiki users :)
You know who you are *cough* Chr *cough*  I've found some time to do
an initial implementation of the Con-current editing/drawing locking
within PmWikiDraw.

The current system is not perfect by any means, but it should avoid
any race-conditions that some solutions would have led to.

If user A begins editing a drawing and by the time they finish their
changes, user B (or perhaps C + D as well) have made modifications to
the drawing. When user A attempts to save the drawing the system will
inform them that the drawing has been modified during the time they
had it open and if they save they will blow those changes away.  *IF*
the user then decides to save again, their changes will be written out
and those users that edited in between (b/c/d) will lose any changes
they may have made to the drawing.

This is a better mechanism that previously in that at least the user
is warned... However the long term goal is to display the 'newer
(newer since the user began editing)' drawing to the user and allow
them to modify their drawing to take into account the modifications
prior to saving.   (The system checks whenever a save attempt is made
so if changes were made between them being warned and attempting to
save again, they will still be re-warned!)

PmWikiDraw is now live on http://www.pmwiki.org within the cookbook
page for PmWikiDraw.  Due to this Pm spent some time looking over the
code and slapping my wrists for bad practices.  The upshot of this is
a strong recommendation to upgrade to the latest version of the script
as it is generally better written and a bit more secure.

Please note the script is now located in the sub-folder 'cookbook'
rather than 'local' as previously.  You will need to modify your
config/local.php file to reflect this change.

A *very* important change this release is that PmWiki1 is no longer
officially supported b the PmWikiDraw plugin.  To use the latest
version of the plugin you will need to update to the latest version of
PmWiki.  I'm sorry about this, Pm finally caved me in on it ;) [and
he's right as ever!]

As usual comments and feedback appreciated, good luck! 

- Ciaran

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