[Pmwiki-users] "fopen" error, "read" password, .htaccess

Constantin Basturea cbasturea
Mon Dec 20 17:07:54 CST 2004

I'm trying to install a password-protected wiki and I have the
following problems:

1. When I tried to edit a page I got the following error message:

"Warning: fopen(wiki.d/Main.HomePage,new): failed to open stream:
Permission denied in
/home/chroot/home/username/name.domain.com/pmwiki.php on line 499
PmWiki can't process your request

Cannot write page to Main.HomePage (wiki.d/Main.HomePage)...changes not saved"

line 499 in pmwiki.php is:
unset($page['version']); unset($page['newline']);

2. I installed UserAuth, and I set up an admin and read password. I
was hoping that there would  be a prompt asking for the read password
*after* passing the UserAuth password, but it doesn't work that way.
Am I doing something wrong?

3. Funny enough, I noticed that the index of all my files is publicly
available. I posted a .htacces with "Index Ignore */*", but I'm not
sure if this protects the files... I have another /local/.htaccess
("Order allow,deny/Deny from all") file also, but it doesn't protect
wiki.d in any way. Any idea where should I have the .htacces file in
order to protect all the files of the wiki? (I tried to have it in
domain.name.com/.htaccess, but then I can't access
domain.name.com/pmwiki.php :)

Thanks so much!

Constantin Basturea

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