[Pmwiki-users] reducing wikispam to size

Pierre Rouzeau pierre
Tue Dec 21 15:12:02 CST 2004

Patrick R. Michaud a ?crit :

> No more.  My revelation this morning was that since spammers tend to
> post large quantities of unapproved links, all we have to do is block
> any post that contains more than some small number of unapproved links.
> The key is to count just the *unapproved links* resulting from a post.
> The page can contain as many approved links as desired, and we always
> look at the total number of approved links within a page (i.e., a spammer
> can't circumvent the restriction by submitting lots of small posts).


A revelation ? mmmm... Have a look here, less than three weeks ago :

Not totally the same idea, but there are some commons roots...


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