[Pmwiki-users] Cannot Acquire Lockfile...can no longer fix

Doug Porteous orillia319
Tue Dec 21 17:35:39 CST 2004

Following a few days after problems arising from my hosting service's PHP
upgrade, I again cannot access my PmWiki-based site

I'm familiar with the 'Cannot Aqcquire Lockfile" problem and have easily
resolved it in the past. This time, however, short of creating a new wiki.d
and transferring everything to it, I cannot fix things. (I note that PHP's
safe_mode is set to 'On')

Here is what I've done thus far:

1. Used WS_FTP to execute a CHMOD 766 on the parent folder ('genealogy')
that contains pmwiki.php (actually, index.php, warnings to the contrary

Result after trying to access Web site:
You do not have permission to access the requested file on this server.

2. CHMOD 777 on the parent folder ('genealogy')
Result after trying to access Web site:
Cannot acquire lockfile

3. CHMOD 777 on the wiki.d folder
Result from WS_FTP:
550 wiki.d: Operation not permitted
! Chmod failed. It may not be supported on remote site.

Hope someone can suggest a solution...


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