[Pmwiki-users] spam attack

Frieder Hirsch f.hirsch
Tue Dec 21 19:39:54 CST 2004

Hi Eric and pmwiki-community,
we - the german linux-user group of Dortmund -  have the same problem with our 
pmwiki-0.6 wiki.
Actually we discuss the following proposal to prevent wiki-SPAM (I actually 
don?t remember who published this "public-password" idea the first time.):
1. All wiki-sites are protected by an edit-password
2. This password is published ( perhaps near by edit-command?), perhaps as a 
I think that a "public-password" is not really restrictive and does not  
prevent open and free communication.
An encrypted "public password", readable and usable for human beings, but not 
simply readable und usable for robots and other unfree and anonymous private 
Spammers, could help a bit.
As far as I know is it difficult for software skripts to read letters in form 
of a "password.png" , not to say to edit a password-input field.

Have a nice day
frieder hirsch

Am Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2004 02:32 schrieb Eric Appleton:
> Hey everyone,
> I installed PMWiki a few weeks ago and have been very
> happy with the program. I'm hoping to run an
> organizational web site using wiki and a team of
> people. The only problem is that a spammer has found
> the web site and bombs the front page with junk web
> site addresses.
> Is there anything I can do to prevent this without
> using passwords and limiting access from other people?
> It seems automated and all comes from the same IP
> address, I think. I've gone to history and restored
> the original page, but the spammer keeps returning.
> Here's the site if you want to look at the history of
> the front page:
> http://www.glcnyc.org/wiki/wiki.php/Wiki/HomePage
> Thanks for your help,
> Eric
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